#33 Behuqotai  (Maqam Saba)

Maqam - a set of notes, with traditions that define the relationship between them, their patterns and expression.  A musical mode.  The Maqamat (plural) are patient, inwardly drawn, they are roomy enough for poetry. We worked the concept of the give-and-take between poetry and music.


Beyond Nature

Laws beyond nature [so to speak] laws of G*d

The consequences for not walking by them?

Worldly catastrophic. Rains will not fall in their seasons the earth will crack hot everywhere the poles will melt and we may not be saved --

Because we violated the Secret Hidden Contract between human being-li-ness and G*d-li-ness: the world broke apart and we had been warned.

But if we do if we honor and walk and keep and protect nature will respond with order; O Mysterious law of G*d familiar to everyone on the planet though we cannot agree just What That Law Is.

We all know the world is Cracking but we don’t know Why.