#46 Eqeb  (Maqam Sigah)

Maqam Sigah - from the Persian 'third,' as it takes root from the third note of the Rast scale. Sigah is applied on holidays and for the third portions of some books of the Torah; this maqam is used for the cantillation of the Torah in Syrian tradition, and is closely associated with the holiday of Purim.


Because If


Because you did such-and-such it will

come to pass such-and-such.


Or if you do such-and-such it will be such-and-such

Something a preposition might admire.


Be a conjunction for a while be a

preposition be an article. Ooh an article. A

diacritical point.


Every single word every dot every gesture



Everything contributes no lowly parts of

speech every word elevated.


The big the small the good the bad
the beautiful the lowly the lofty the intentions the mistakes – all of it.


The dots. Oh those points and dots