#35 Naso  (Maqam Saba)

Maqam - a set of notes, with traditions that define the relationship between them, their patterns and expression.  A musical mode.  The Maqamat (plural) are patient, inwardly drawn, they are roomy enough for poetry. We worked the concept of the give-and-take between poetry and music.


Naso 2

Blessing with wholeness with individuality

with blessing the power of the upper root descends

descends on the lower root on the individual on the instance

the upper root the anchoring above –

roots above.


The inner point of truth

this is shleimut shalom

the inner experienced as the universal

wherever G*d dwells

there is blessing

wherever there is blessing

there is shalom –

can you dig that?


Peace is a vessel

it contains blessing.


I am you and

You are me

And we are all



I love the partial the broken individual incomplete

the fragment the wounded

I love the separate because it integrates

and even if not –

it is whole.