#2 Noah  (Maqam Sigah)

Maqam Sigah - from the Persian 'third,' as it takes root from the third note of the Rast scale. Sigah is applied on holidays and for the third portions of some books of the Torah; this maqam is used for the cantillation of the Torah in Syrian tradition, and is closely associated with the holiday of Purim.


Noah - You Lovers of the Word

Or G*d Loves the Press

O Noah man

You staked out the Ark

Ark -- teivah

Teivah -- word

Also basket -- teivah where Mama

Placed the baby for safekeeping.

Then the man violated his salvation with silence

He could have argued to save the world      

Noah man entered the Word

Come into the teivah

Use your words ...              


G*d invited Noah into the word

The man made a window for the Ark  

Made a light for the Ark too

A lower second and third levels he made            

Words of higher and lower quality --

every word a universe

a soul.                

Interpret the word

come into the Ark, enter the Word

interpret the world.


A tzaddik in pelts

A righteous person in a fur coat

Saves one person --

Become a tzaddik in loshen

a tzaddik in language --

Save everyone.



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Gen. 7:1

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