#22 Vayakhel  (Maqam Hossieni)

Maqam Hosseini - from the Arabic 'Hosn' meaning 'beauty' or 'splendor;' this Maqam is often associated with the giving of the Torah or the building of the Tabernacle. Hosseini is a pathway of Maqam Bayat.


On the Heels

On the heels of the molten beast


he then gathered together 

the entire community.


We had gathered against his brother

make us a god who shall go before us

for that man 

who brought us out?

-- we don’t know what happened to him.


We made a molten beast 


The building -- a sign of healing

we have been forgiven our slip 

with the molten beast.


The big Healing came to us through the artist

it was the artist who healed the wound.   

[v’asu betzalel v’oholiav v’khol chakham lev asher natan Hashem chokham ut’vunah ladat laasot] Exodus 36:1