#24 Vayiqra  (Maqam Rast)

Maqam Rast - similar to the Arabic word for 'head,' Rast is applied to the opening portions of each book of the Torah and at other beginnings. Rast is the primary maqam from which all other maqamat are drawn.


When you call me

speak louder

I can’t hear the diminished alef --

the sound of affection.


I am listening      I am listening


for the right word

the true.


Let the pure occupy themselves

with the pure.


Let the future forgive us

for knowing

when we brought our offerings

on these altars

with smoke and incense

burning flesh

oil mixed with meal --


when we invited God to sit at our table

before we became abstract,


let the future forgive us

for knowing

what we were doing.