#36 Beha'alotekha  (Maqam Sigah)

Maqam Sigah - from the Persian 'third,' as it takes root from the third note of the Rast scale. Sigah is applied on holidays and for the third portions of some books of the Torah; this maqam is used for the cantillation of the Torah in Syrian tradition, and is closely associated with the holiday of Purim.


He could have hid in a cloud

the cumulus drawn up over his face

I just can’t talk to another kid

he might have said

I need some time to myself --


but he didn’t.


He dusted off the menorah he saw floating in the sky

Build it this way, God showed him --


The light from its central shaft

that’s the Torah light


it will need a little lift.


Please --

don’t leave me