#28 Messora  (Maqam Sigah)

Maqam Sigah - from the Persian 'third,' as it takes root from the third note of the Rast scale. Sigah is applied on holidays and for the third portions of some books of the Torah; this maqam is used for the cantillation of the Torah in Syrian tradition, and is closely associated with the holiday of Purim.


Aramaic lashon sagi nahor -- the language that is full of light -- sagi nahor full of light we use for blindness we call the cemetery beit chayim house of life, lashon sagi nahor the language full of light -- all language full of light.


The nature of reality to be and not be a certain way something may be precisely what it seems not to be; not to be precisely what it is.


On the circle of meaning when description on the continuum of the circle meets each other one version entering from the east another from the west not linear circular -- where they meet lashon sagi nahor.


Full of light we are when we realize the road we thought was straight -- is round.