#45 Vaethanan  (Maqam Hosseini)

Maqam Hosseini - from the Arabic 'Hosn' meaning 'beauty' or 'splendor;' this Maqam is often associated with the giving of the Torah or the building of the Tabernacle. Hosseini is a pathway of Maqam Bayat.


I climb up that large ayin slide down the big

dalet witness seamlessness turn it around

dyslexic plow the language like a palindrome

Da’ – know!


I climb up the Hebrew running right to left jump

it back left to right all directions fold into the

ascent of letters --


Da’ – know G*d is one G*d alone only G*d

lonely G*d.


Ask G*d in our prayers to lose that loneliness

we are witnessing at least along for the ride

trying to know something when knowing is not



O holy G*d –


we are trying to do something


after all.