#54 Zot Haberacha  (Maqam Ajam)

Maqam Ajam - Named for the Arabic word for 'Persian,' is applied upon joyous occasions. Though the notes that comprise its scale are the same as those of the Western major scale, its performance in an Arabic setting includes modulations offering alternative colors.


And this is the blessing

He said let me I pray cross over and see the good land 

on the other side of the Jordan that good hill country and the Lebanon.

He almost died ten times in the Wilderness at the end of forty years

he stood on Mt. Nebo gazing into the distance arguing his case.

He climbed Mt. Nebo across from Jericho there G*d showed him the whole thing

said to him this is the land you can see it but you will not cross over into it.

A Divine voice said the time has come for you to depart from the world

he drew a circle around himself and said Master of the Universe

I will not leave this place ‘til you rescind the decree.

He wrapped himself in sackcloth spread ashes on his head howled the prayers 

until the heavens and earth were shaking G*d said to the angels lock all the 

gates but his prayer was like a sword ripping and tearing.

He pleaded with G*d is this my reward? Again a Divine voice came said don’t be 

afraid, I myself will attend to you and your burial.

He begged the heavens and the earth he went to the stars and the planets the 

mountains and the hills he went to the sea he went to the Great Angel he lifted 

both his hands, placed them over his heart –

Behold the end of flesh and blood.

He rose and washed his hands and feet and became as pure as an angel from 

the highest Heaven of Heavens the Holy One came down to take his soul with 

G*d and the three angels. 

Then the Holy One said to Moses close your eyes and he closed his eyes put 

your arms over your chest and he put his arms over his chest bring your legs 

together and he brought his legs together.

Debarim, 11

Then G*d took his soul saying: my daughter the time is fixed a hundred and 

twenty years now your time to depart has come do not delay.

G*d said I will take you to the highest Heaven of Heavens and will set you under 

the throne of glory next to the angels in that instant the Holy one kissed him

and took his soul with a kiss G*d drew out his soul.

We grieved for him in the plains of Moab for thirty days until the time of weeping 

and mourning was over. This the end and the beginning.

jsg, usa



[Deut. Rabbah 7:10, 11:10]