#15 Bo  (Maqam Sigah)

Maqam Sigah - from the Persian 'third,' as it takes root from the third note of the Rast scale. Sigah is applied on holidays and for the third portions of some books of the Torah; this maqam is used for the cantillation of the Torah in Syrian tradition, and is closely associated with the holiday of Purim.


Bo - the Wind Blows

The wind blows both east and west;

East wind; unreflective, seamless embrace



West wind: self conscious, spirit of inquiry




West: conscious, linear, rational.

East: intuitive, lateral, mystical.

Both winds blow through our camp.


Why We Had to Leave Pharaoh

Western branches eastern roots –

tree of life.


Union sheleimut shalom

integrating dream –


every week a cosmic union.


Par'oh; to rend, to split --

the separator, dis-integrator.


Separate from the Other Side

that’s why


we had to leave Pharaoh --

to become one with ourselves.



Exodus 10:13, 10:19