#4 Vayera  (Maqam Nawa)

Maqam - a set of notes, with traditions that define the relationship between them, their patterns and expression.  A musical mode.  The Maqamat (plural) are patient, inwardly drawn, they are roomy enough for poetry. We worked the concept of the give-and-take between poetry and music.


I will bless you and increase you as the earth

as the sands of the seashore as the sea,

look at the algae now

and the horseflies buzzing over your face.

I will make you as great as the horseflies as the algae

look up now to the sky you will be as great as the stars

as the darkness you will be as great as the darkness.


 The sand the sea the stars

the mud the mud the dark the green

the sticky stuff on the surf the horseflies

the early rains and the later rains

The mud the mud the green the sand the dark


And G*d appeared to Abraham

said nothing.

Appeared everywhere.


Vayeira eilav hashem

V’eilonai Mamrei

Maqam* Nawah

C    D    E flat    F sharp      G

Genesis 18:1