#7 Vayesse  (Maqam Ajam)

Maqam Ajam - Named for the Arabic word for 'Persian,' is applied upon joyous occasions. Though the notes that comprise its scale are the same as those of the Western major scale, its performance in an Arabic setting includes modulations offering alternative colors.


Vayesse #1 -  

What used to define

limits –

shed skin acquire a name

limp away –

Mr. Sometimes This Mrs. Sometimes That --

With you in the ring

angel or demon

I go to the mat with G*d.


Vayesse #2 -     

Leaving the seventh well
going toward
in the direction of –

Knowing where you are leaving from
not sure where you are going to –

You’re how many years old
you know what it’s like Leaving

knowing not where you are going,

only: you must Leave.

A direction not a destination
a way Toward.

So be a big person   

leave a space behind you

try to be a person who has a Direction.

Go to it.


Genesis 28:10 - 

[Vayeitzei Yaakov mi b’eir sheva vayeilech charana]