#39 Huqat  (Maqam Hosseini)

Maqam Hosseini - from the Arabic 'Hosn' meaning 'beauty' or 'splendor;' this Maqam is often associated with the giving of the Torah or the building of the Tabernacle. Hosseini is a pathway of Maqam Bayat.



Mystery chok of the Torah, late at night you understand it, you do understand how something can be defiling in one moment and purifying another moment, you do understand that a performed deed purifying can turn out to be defiling, you do understand in the midst of a defiling activity something might rise that is purifying you understand this at night: night vision.

Huqat – mystery recoverable wisdom, night vision.

What follows the mystery rite: the death of Miryam.

The death of Miryam and there was no water for the community. For the entire forty years of wandering in the Wilderness we had a well for water: Miryam.

We are waiting for them to return, the Miryams with their recoverable wisdom, sustaining like water, like the mystery traveling well of Miriam

Like Miriam herself.