#44 Debarim  (Maqam Hijaz)

Maqam Hijaz - named for a region within modern Saudi Arabia, is associated with death and other mournful occasions. Debarim, is often the Shabbat preceeding Tisha B'av, and is thus marked with Maqam Hijaz.


These Are the Words

These are words spoken in the Wilderness
Word the thing itself the word that does.


The matter itself the thing itself the essence of the thing words all worlds when you have language you have everything.


Shabbat Chazon the necessity to read the vision of Isaiah on the Shabbat before Tisha B’Av; G*d gives the remedy before the malady curative wisdom built in before prescribed; vision before the fall; hope before destruction.


She asked: Is that what we are doing: just giving language to what we know? Take the just out of that sentence I said, we are giving language to what we know.

Forty-two steps of wonder and one place where the Shekhinah rests; she is working so hard for us.