#12 Vayehi  (Maqam Hijaz)

Maqam Hijaz - named for a region within modern Saudi Arabia, is associated with death and other mournful occasions. 


Something I want to reveal to my children but it is closed off to me -- elusive, unfinished I want to give it over to my children but I cannot.


What I do give over: blessings -- poetry, visions spoken in metaphor but the ultimate redemption -- remains closed off to me.


Closed off and elusive the ends of things no ends at all, no beginnings. Seams the illusion of all endings all beginnings all arrivals all starts –


Just this: journey and movement and the inevitable rise and fall no starts and stops at all it doesn’t begin and it doesn’t end --


The great river flows out of itself into itself.


Don’t be afraid.

Vayehci  and he lived.