#53 Haazinu  (Maqam Bayat)

Maqam Bayat - from the Arabic word for 'oath.' Bayat is one of the most common of the Arabic Maqamat; it takes the form of a minor scale, with the second note occuring as a quarter tone.


Give ear O heavens and I will speak and let 

the earth hear the words of my mouth may my

teachings drop like the rain my words flow like 

the dew like storm winds upon vegetation and 

like raindrops upon blades of grass. 


From his hands he picked out a lightning bolt it 

had burned itself into his flesh he threw it to the 



Give ear O heavens let the earth hear the 

words of my mouth he plied a thunderbolt 

out of his teeth and buried it in the ground he 

began to teach.


Blessing dwells and awakens the life force the 

teachings drop like rain bringing forth fruit.

Remember the days of old.