#41 Pinehas  (Maqam Saba)

Maqam - a set of notes, with traditions that define the relationship between them, their patterns and expression.  A musical mode.  The Maqamat (plural) are patient, inwardly drawn, they are roomy enough for poetry. We worked the concept of the give-and-take between poetry and music.


You know we are dreaming peace all the time now

the evidence of that broken vav

in shalom of briti shalom            

-- that may be what's holding it up.


Let's fix the vav in the briti shalom

the covenant of peace

this reward that is given to your loyalist Pinchas.


You rewarded him the priesthood

for that unseemly act               

so what is it -- this covenant of peace --

the near peace and the far peace  

with the far peace you have confidence in the future

the near peace is more elusive.


The near peace the inward peace

the far peace

they're negotiating a world away


here we are praying

working our gardens and our abs.


Something unfinished in you Pinchas

we need you but we need you


 [Numbers 25:12]

 [Numbers 25:7 ff.]

 [Isaiah 57:19]