#27 Tazria  (Maqam Bayat)

Maqam Bayat - from the Arabic word for 'oath.' Bayat is one of the most common of the Arabic Maqamat; it takes the form of a minor scale, with the second note occuring as a quarter tone.


Tazria. Raise Up Your Eyes


Raise up your eyes

north south east west

look down

can you count the dust of the earth?

So will be your seed.              


The future –

more than we imagine

the present

a dark mirror,


The future

will spread itself out

north south east west

we will get lost in vastness --


Look up

look down --


Look forwards

backwards too, you sentimentalists,


you are

tahor – purified,


You are safe --



Small alef; poetry Tazria

Maqam* Bayat

D   [3/4]    E half-flat  [3/4]    F  [1]     G